Specializing in textiles for dyeing and painting all of our fabrics are prepared for printing and most are white. As our name suggests we focus on silk but we also have a great selection of cottons. We have wide variety of fabrics on the bolt - sold by the yard or bolt, a large selection of scarf blanks, and a few miscellaneous items such as ties, silk thread, stretched silk hoops, etc.

  • We recommend pre-washing all fabrics and scarves before dyeing or sewing.
  • For those who buy in quantity, we are happy to source & special order fabrics for you needs.
  • Ask about our remnant box, for super bargains.
  • Bolt lengths vary...we bill you only for actual yardage shipped.
  • Silk widths and scarf sizes are approximate & fabric may vary slightly between shipments. Most bolts are about 50 yards. Sorry we can't guarantee selvages.
  • Our fabrics are white, natural or black.
  • Please call for a refund or replacement before washing if you are unhappy with the quality of the fabric. Sorry, we can't replace washed, dyed, precut fabric, or scarves.
  • The abbreviation "mm" stands for momme (rhymes with tummy) and is a measure of fabric weight. 1mm = 3.62 grams per sq. yard, so an 8mm fabric weighs 29 grams (1oz.) per sq. yard.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. We welcome your comments and suggestions.